20-Minute Yoga For Athletes Flow

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One of the most fascinating things about the physical yoga practice, known as asana, is that it can be applied in an infinite number of ways, making it accessible to nearly everyone. There’s even a yoga for athletes.

Often people claim that they’re “too tight for yoga” or “too old for yoga” or “not strong enough for yoga” — the list could go on. The reality is that there’s a style of yoga for everyone and their unique needs.

One style of yoga that is growing in popularity is yoga for athletes. And that’s because athletes deeply benefit from the deep stretch, breathwork, and mindfulness of the yoga practice.

Yoga For Athletes – Find Stillness

Athletes can do virtually anything physical — from running, jumping, and swimming, to biking, hiking, and dancing. But generally speaking, athletes don’t as often leave room to practice stillness. Because they prefer to be in constant motion, stillness can feel like a great challenge. But a stillness practice (especially in today’s world) is important for everyone.

Does that resonate with you? Are you a moving and grooving athlete, needing a little stretch and stillness in your life? Often times we wait until a sports injury to get into yoga. But actually: yoga can be preventative of injury, and is an incredible practice to weave into your workout/training routines.

The fact is that if you want the best athletic results, your muscles and connective tissue (fascia) need to work together as one system. Repetitive patterning from your extensive sports training creates immobile, gummy, sticky fascia, which can lead to serious injury. Yoga for athletes creates a connection between strong muscles and mobile connective tissue, as well as a connection to mind, body, and spirit.

This 20-minute Yoga for Athletes flow with Carrie is just what the PT ordered. Whatever your experience is with yoga so far, this class will teach you more alignment basics and strength building that will translate into your other activities. Making yoga a part of your routine will benefit you as an athlete — mind, body, and soul.

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