20 Minute Barre BLAST For Full Body Power

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There’s nothing like a Barre class to get the body burning — especially a Barre BLAST class with the one and only Sam. Barre gets our body feeling powerful and stable in just a short amount of time, and these days, we’ll take as much of that as we can get. It also happens to be the best full body workout that you could ask for.

And when we say short, we mean about 20 minutes. Sometimes we don’t have time for a full-on class — and that’s okay! Twenty minutes of movement is more than enough. And in this class with Sam, you still get the full-body strength that you’re craving.

It’s important for us to remind ourselves that our bodies are powerful. This modern world can leave us feeling unenergized and defeated — but taking a challenging class can remind us of the power that lives deep inside of us.

Barre connects us to our inner power. It connects us to the physical sensations of our own strength while challenging our mental stamina. It takes real power to hold a plank or to move through a thigh-work series… And witnessing ourselves do that can be exactly what we need to snap out of our funk and back into our purpose.

This class with Sam will bring power to your thighs, arms, and back body– for a full body workout. It will have you feeling stable from your head to your toes, and ready to take on ANYTHING. Even better, you’ll feel it in your body the next day too! All you need is a pair of light weights and a ball.

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