20-Minute Full-Body Yoga Flow with Devon

Ever have those moments where you just have to move your body? Where everything feels stuck, sticky, and congested?

Our modern lifestyles keep us busy, and typically glued to one device or another. We’re living in a more sedentary culture than ever before — and this has a massive effect on our energy levels.

Busyness and excessive sitting put a damper on our energetic body. Stress, as we know, creates physical tension that only challenges our relationship with our own energy levels.

When things get stagnant energetically, our bodies will tell us to move. We’ll start feeling irritability or agitation that feels as if it can only be remedied by jumping up and running around the block. It’s so important that when the body speaks to us in this way, we listen!

This yoga flow is designed for those feels — the stuckness, the agitation, all of it. This 20-minute yoga flow with Devon is designed to get your energy moving, without interfering with the flow of your workday.

Yoga and Moving Energy

Regardless of your relationship and experience with yoga — it’s an energetic practice. When you roll out your mat and practice postures (asana), you are going to move energy around.

Why is that? All yoga postures are designed to speak to and clear the energy lines of your body, called meridians or nadis. Mountain Pose and Warrior Two will certainly address your physical body, but they’re also going to have an effect on your energy levels.

Holding and moving through yoga poses creates actual heat and energy in the body. You can equate the practice to a rainstorm, filling up the little rivers of energy in your body. After a good practice, your rivers are fully flowing and roaring… Whereas before they might have felt like a sad trickle.

The reason why the yoga practice feels so good is because moving your body and breathing shift your energy. It’s amazing to know that the status of your energetic state is actually in your own hands.

Enjoy This flow!

While all yoga classes will get your energy flowing again, this class is especially focused on that quality.

This yoga sequence focuses on your whole body: head to toes. You’ll enjoy this breath-to-movement sequence as it warms up your body and gets your heart pumping.

This is your go-to flow for those days where you need an energetic pick-me-up. Devon guides you through all of the classic energy-stirring postures while encouraging steady and life-giving breath. Get ready to shift your mood in just 20-minutes!