20-Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow with Clare

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If you’ve spent any time getting to know us, online or in-person, you’ll know we’re all about supporting mothers at all stages of the journey. Whether you’re prenatal, postnatal, or a veteran mama — Ohana is here for your body, mind, and soul. This is why we want to give you a preview of our prenatal yoga class.

We know from experience that the prenatal journey is a wild ride. Your body is changing, your hormones are off the wall, and everything you know is about to get flipped upside down. There is absolutely nothing like pregnancy. It’s a beautiful journey, but it can also trigger anxiety and fear.

First of all: you’re not in it alone. Secondly, there are so many resources that can help you find grounding and calm on your pregnancy journey, even amidst all of the changes.

Prenatal yoga is our go-to practice to find health, mindfulness, and relaxation during the prenatal journey. The yoga practice will, at the very least, help you stay in intimate relationship with your body — through postures and breath. It’s so important for you to stay “on the same team” as your body as you prepare to give birth.

Alongside the physical benefits, prenatal yoga will support your mental and emotional health, which can be a rollercoaster thanks to the hormonal shifts during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga gives you a chance to breathe, let go of stress, and stay in the present moment. Within this present moment awareness, you’ll stay connected to what’s important: you and your baby’s health.

You don’t have to have any yoga experience to benefit from prenatal yoga. All you need is a space to move, and 20-minutes to spend. Enjoy our all-levels 20-Minute Prenatal Yoga class, and remember that you aren’t in it alone!

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