The Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

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One of the most common misconceptions about Yoga Teacher Training is that it’s a program intended for only those with a desire to become a yoga teacher. This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are many reasons why an individual might choose to enroll in an Online Yoga Teacher Training — and whatever that reason might be, there are a handful of benefits to be gained.

The obvious benefit of Yoga Teacher Training is that it gives us the experience and credentials necessary to become a certified yoga teacher. The less obvious (but perhaps more meaningful) benefits all come from the fact that teacher training is a massive journey of personal transformation. In teacher training we learn how to find our voice, we build a healthy and like-minded community, we see new sides of ourselves and gain exposure to the things that may have been holding us back, and we access more clarity on the kind of future we’d like to create for ourselves.

While there are many benefits to an Online Yoga Teacher Training we want to emphasize the benefits as they pertain to becoming a successful yoga teacher.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga?

The Ohana Online Yoga Teacher Training is an 8-week program — which is fairly standard for a 200-hour certification program. While it’s possible to become a certified yoga teacher within that span of time, it’s likely to take longer, given the extensive program requirements. The benefit of taking our Online Teacher Training program is that you can take your time. Because it’s all online, you can finish the program requirements according to your own schedule. Our program was designed for convenience — but keep in mind that it’s helpful to finish your training as quickly as works with your schedule. Teacher training has a certain momentum. The longer students wait to finish the program requirements, the less motivation they tend to have.

Once you’re finished with your training — and receive your certification — every path toward being an active yoga teacher is different. Some students start teaching right away with small gigs — at gyms, apartment complexes, over your lunch hour, etc. Some students will join the competitive process of teaching at a studio. And others will take their time to see what kind of opportunities naturally arise. What happens after your teacher training program is determined by your goals and ambition.

Can Beginners Enroll In Yoga Teacher Training?

Beginners can absolutely enroll in Online Yoga Teacher Training! And we highly recommend that they do. One of the benefits of this program is that you set up a strong foundation for your practice — wherever you are in the journey. You’ll learn deeper alignment notes and anatomy behind each posture, meaning that your postures will be stronger and safer right off the bat… What could be better for a beginner?

Yoga Teacher Training always inspires. Between the history of the practice and the enriching philosophy, beginners will truly benefit from learning the breadth of the practice earlier on their path. Teacher training simply gives beginners more access to the potential of their practice. We’ve had many beginner students in our training and they all are incredibly happy about starting their practice with such an informative leap.

What Comes In Your Investment?

We know that Online Yoga Teacher Training is a significant investment. But you also get significant returns. Our training includes:

  • An Ohana Online membership, with unlimited access to our virtual library of +1400 hours of on-demand yoga, barre, and meditation content
  • Exclusive 10% trainee discount on our Ohana Online Boutique retail assortment (including props perfect for training!)
  • Access to private members-only events and workshops
  • Specialty sessions taught by world-renowned master guest instructors
  • Access to our online community via the private Facebook group for daily mantras, journaling prompts + inspiration

With your investment, you’re getting the literal perks of joining our community. You’re also receiving a vast collection of knowledge about the practice, a curious and supportive community, and personal interaction with your instructors, most of which have been in this industry for 10+ years. 

Career Paths With Yoga

Some of us may be considering Yoga Teacher Training for fun, as the start of a new career, or both! Whatever brings you to the first step of your teacher training journey — being a yoga instructor is a legitimate career path. In this training, we introduce you to how you can make teaching yoga a fulfilling career through our Business of Yoga module. Throughout the training, you will come to understand how and why teaching yoga offers real value and how you can monetize that value.

But Yoga Teacher Training also gives you skills to enhance your current career or other career paths. Throughout his adventure, you’ll gain invaluable life skills, like communication and public speaking. You’ll gain a sense of confidence — which can be used in any direction of life. And generally speaking, you’ll have a better handle on holistic health, and how to help others find that for themselves. Yoga Teacher Training is a well-rounded experience that is designed to benefit all areas of your life. You’ll be surprised to see how relevant this experience will be to your career, relationships, family, and spirituality.

Finding a Job After Training

The benefits of Yoga Teacher Training also include us setting you up with all the tools needed to start teaching yoga. We want you to complete our program with a foundation that helps you feel successful in finding your first job as a teacher. In our Business of Yoga module, you’ll learn about how to market yourself as a teacher, build your personal brand, and grow your student base. The yoga industry is competitive, but you bring something unique to the table. You’ll figure out what it is, and how to share it with your audience.

Here’s something to understand about the yoga world: for the most part, you’ll be directing your own progress and growth as a teacher. It’s not like classic education where there are clear degree requirements and steps that you need to take, all the way to your doctorate. While you can study yoga to such an extent, you’ll need to take the reigns on your own education. However, we are ready to guide you through that process and provide resources to support you after our training comes to an end.
Once you’re finished with your training, we can’t stress enough the importance of continuing to read about the subjects that interested you most throughout the training. Find additional trainings. Look for teachers who inspire you. Travel and take international classes. Try different lineages of yoga…Whatever you do: don’t stop growing!

Devon Barrow

Devon Barrow is a yoga teacher for Ohana Yoga + Barre, our amazing social media manager, and a talented teacher for the YTT program. Yoga has been a part of Devon’s life since she was nine years old and continues to be her agent of healing and health. You’ll find both creativity of the physical body and the power of mindfulness in her classes.