Building Your At-Home Yoga Studio

If you consider yourself a yogi, you know your practice space is your sanctuary. It’s the space where you are able to come home to yourself and find a deeper level of connection. It is the space where you are able to express yourself fully and authentically, where you can clear away stagnant energy and let go of all the internal junk standing in the way of positive change manifesting in your life. 

In a world that is constantly shifting, finding the space for your yoga practice has shifted along with it. Without the structure and encouragement found between the four walls of your favorite studio, your yoga practice and the sanctuary it provides might feel incredibly far away from you. 

While modern-day technology has made accessing fresh yoga classes and connecting with your favorite instructors nearly instantaneous, there is something about the in-person studio experience that keeps us coming back. When we step into our favorite yoga studio, we instantly feel relaxed and welcomed. We feel like we have arrived in a sacred space where we can fully receive the benefits of the practice. 

But what if it were possible to create a sacred space like this at home? A place where you felt both inspired and safe to freely explore yourself and your practice? Even if your home feels like the farthest thing from a place of calm relaxation, building an at-home yoga studio for yourself is an incredible way to deepen your practice on your own time, schedule, and budget. 

Building Your At-Home Yoga Studio

Regardless of how quickly the world is shifting, in order to make the shifts you want to see in your own life, you have to create the space necessary for them to happen. Whether it is the tiny area behind the couch or a nook in the corner of your bedroom, you have the ability to carve out space for your practice. 

Wherever you are, when you step onto your yoga mat, you are actively holding space for yourself. By holding space for yourself in this way, you allow the dust to shake off your reflection so you can finally see yourself and your life clearly again. You allow yourself to live your practice and by doing so, you allow yoga to become part of your lifestyle rather than just a part of your routine.

By building your own at-home yoga studio, you are given the ability to freely practice on your own time, at your own pace, and at your own level. With a screen and a few home practice essentials, it is totally possible to create a studio-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. 

By reducing the barriers to getting onto your mat like traveling to and from a studio space, your yoga practice has never been more accessible to you. It is available to you at all times – no stress, rushing, or judgment necessary.

Create a Studio Atmosphere At Home

What comes to mind when you think about your favorite yoga studio? What do you immediately notice when you step into the space? Zen, uplifting atmosphere, perhaps some relaxing aromas and soothing music? For many students, stepping into the studio space is like taking a fresh breath of air: simply walking through the doors instantly calms and replenishes the nervous system. It is the type of environment where you know you are supported and have full permission to let go. 

Recreating this type of atmosphere for your at-home yoga studio is possible. The first step is establishing your space physically. Find an area of your home that you can dedicate to your practice. This area doesn’t need to be big, just enough space for your mat and a few other props. A space you know you can always come to find a moment of connection with yourself and your body. Surround your space with supportive tools and other decor you love, such as crystals and plants. 

Create the Scent of The Studio

A huge part of the studio experience is its ability to engage the senses. If the space smells good and looks good, it usually feels pretty good to be in it too. Try to bring in as many of these elements into your at-home yoga studio space as you can. For example, if the inviting, spa-like smell is your favorite part of going to the studio, use similar scents in your home practice space. Whether it be burning some palo santo or incense, lighting a candle (in a safe place!), or perhaps mixing some essential oils in a diffuser to make your own unique blend, allow the smells to let you drop into your practice immediately. 

The Perfect Playlist

Another major component of a great in-studio yoga class is the music. Music has the ability to motivate and uplift us throughout our flow as well as aid us in finding a state of relaxation during breathwork and meditation. With apps like Spotify and Apple Music, creating your own yoga playlist for your at-home yoga studio has never been easier to do. If you are looking for tunes to compliment your Ohana online classes, check out Ohana’s Spotify page for curated playlists made by your favorite instructors!

Online Yoga Classes

So now you’re probably wondering, what classes should I take? The Ohana Online library is your go-to spot for bringing the energy and power of community to your at-home yoga studio. Whether you are looking for a heart-pumping flow or a more relaxed, meditative experience, with over 1,000+ hours of class content, there is a class format for every mood and practice level. 

Home Yoga Essentials

The foundation of your yoga practice begins with your mat. Whether you enjoy a slower-paced practice or a sweaty vinyasa flow, there are a wide variety of mats to choose from to best support your practice and your body. If you have joint pain and could use a little extra support, try choosing a mat with a bit more thickness. If you find that you love high-energy classes like Yoga FiiT or Dynamic Yoga, consider a mat with better grip to avoid sliding hands during your sweatier practice days. 

Yoga Blocks

Beyond your mat, using other supportive props such as blocks in your yoga practice is an excellent way to achieve better alignment as well as find additional stability and lift for certain postures. Most yoga classes and teachers will encourage the use of at least two blocks, so if you are unsure of where to start with props for your at-home yoga studio, start with these! 

Yoga Strap

Yoga straps aren’t used in every class but can be incredibly helpful in deepening stretches or making certain binds more accessible. If you struggle with mobility issues-particularly mobility in the shoulder region – consider the use of a yoga strap to safely stretch sensitive parts of the body without overextending the muscles. If you want to practice working with your strap or find new ways to safely use it throughout the class, try this Yoga Flow class with instructor Alina Hokanson!

Restorative Props

The slower, more meditative classes like restorative yoga and Vin Yin enlist the use of props in most postures. In these classes, poses are set up using props and the floor so that the body can completely surrender to whatever shape it is in. Using props in this way creates feelings of deep relaxation paired with myofascial release. Using props like bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps are common in these classes to allow the postures to be as effortless as possible. 

Alternative Yoga Props

Not ready to commit to purchasing your own props just yet? Luckily you can use everyday items already in your house in lieu of all yoga props. If you don’t have your own mat, try using a large towel or beach blanket. Instead of using blocks, find a few books and stack them on top of each other, adjusting the height of your stack throughout the class as needed. 

For restorative yoga classes that encourage the use of bolsters, try finding some pillows or cushions that are roughly the same size and shape. Use as many as you need to create whatever level of support you are going for. Rather than using a traditional yoga blanket, try choosing any blanket you have around the house that is easy to fold but also has some structure and thickness to it. If your instructor asks you to use a yoga strap, simply grab a scarf or a belt to use in its place! 

To get started curating your own at-home yoga studio, check out the Ohana Boutique for more ideas and inspiration!