Crystals 101: Agate

Imagine the feeling you get when you look up into a perfect blue sky or out into the vastness of the sea–what sensations come up? Maybe it evokes a sense of serenity and peace. Maybe it even has a celestial quality to it, connecting you to a divine world greater than yourself. It is powerful yet subtle, strong but subdued. But how can we harness this power and channel this kind of joy and tranquility into our everyday lives? Without help from the sky or sea, it is still possible to access these same vibrations by working with crystal energy–specifically the power of agate.

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What is Agate?

Agate is a total mind, body, and soul healer. The meaning of the agate gemstone can be summed up in a single word–calmness. The delicate bands of color that swirl through the agate stone appear in lacy bands of grey, white, and blue creating a kind of “earth rainbow” that represents the neutralizing energies of the earth. The soothing quality of its light, dreamy coloring cools off fiery emotions and anchors you to the earth. 

Agate is an incredibly nurturing stone. While it holds immense power, agate is still soft and supportive. There is a certain maternal feel to its energy, providing comfort and ease. It carries an heir of femininity, emitting a much more gentle frequency than the average stone. What it lacks in vibrational intensity, it makes up for in its ability to instill safety and peace. 

With its serene blue-grey color, agate is often associated with the throat chakra (vishuddha). Also blue in color, the throat chakra is responsible for communication. How well we communicate with others as well as how freely we communicate our personal truth. Agate is also closely linked to the root chakra due to its connection to the element of earth. The root chakra is known as the foundation of our energetic body and like the agate stone, is related to your ability to feel firmly rooted in your body and life.

How Agate is Used 

Agate is primarily used for finding balance and calm. It is the perfect stone for someone seeking a slower pace of life. Its cool, feminine nature helps to release anger, frustration, and even physical tension from the body. The calming vibration of agate can also aid in reducing overall stress and anxiety levels. Its soothing aura works to harmonize and rebalance internal energies and emotions, instilling a deep sense of relaxation and zen. 

This balancing effect coupled with its calming vibration makes agate a great tool for finding energetic harmony. When the body’s energies are in balance, it becomes much easier to feel safe and actually rest. When we allow ourselves to rest, discovering joy becomes infinitely more available to us. Agate helps us cultivate joy in our lives by empowering us to give back to ourselves and to restore and rebalance our energies lightly and lovingly. 

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