How To Have The Perfect Yoga Date Night

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Yoga is an intimate practice. As we step onto the nurturing corners of our yoga mat, our practice asks us to get into our body and breath. It asks us to take our focus off of busy daily life, and place our attention on the simplicity of the present moment.

So what could be better than a chance to share this intimate practice with someone we love!? Yoga isn’t something that you “do together” (unless you get into Acro Yoga) — but you can do your practice next to each other and share a class… And it can actually be an incredibly bonding experience.

We call this bonding experience “Yoga Date Night” — and we’re excited to share with you the ways to make it happen.

The Benefits of A Yoga Date Night

When you practice yoga together, you get to have an independent and shared experience. On the one hand, you’re on your own mat having an intimate experience in your own body. On the other, you’re right beside your beloved. You may not know what they’re experiencing, but the fact that you can share the same class at the same time creates connection.

It makes us happy to feel good in a posture, and then double-happy to know that our loved one is there next to us, also feeling good in a posture. We also get to receive wisdom from the teacher, the theme of the yoga class, and the overall ambiance of the class — together. It certainly has the potential to be a more bonding experience than a night on the couch, sponsored by Hulu.

The benefits of doing yoga together are really limitless, but here are some reasons why you might consider stretching it out together:

  1. Increase mindfulness together. Yoga creates mindfulness and a connection to the present moment. You may both begin the class stressed or distracted from each other, but taking class can put you right on the same page.
  2. Connect to your body and breath. As we’ve said, yoga is intimate even when you practice alone. Getting in the body and breath together is a beautiful way to set a tone of intimacy.
  3. Create excitement with something new. Many couples have never practiced yoga together, so a Yoga Date Night can be the chance to try something new together, fostering excitement and closeness.

Yoga Date Night: The How-To

The good news is that you don’t have to go anywhere to have an amazing Yoga Date Night. You can have one right in the comfort of your home with any of our online yoga classes.

But before you just jump right in, there are a few best practices to consider to make sure you set your date night up for success.

Make a night out of it

We recommend taking your yoga class and then sharing a meal afterward. Eating before your yoga class can be uncomfortable — no one wants to be upside down after pizza. Take your yoga class, get your bodies moving, and then plan to have a delicious meal afterward.

Set the mood for relaxation

The point of enjoying a yoga class is ultimately to relax together. Try to create a setting that supports and encourages relaxation. Roll out your mats in the cleanest, most spacious part of your home (or outside if it’s warm). Light some candles and incense. Pick a playlist that you’re both excited to unwind to.

Make sure you have the gear

Again, this is about setting yourself up for success. If you’re newer to yoga, or one of you is less flexible, you might consider getting some props for your practice. Getting some blocks, a yoga strap, and/or a great mat can make all the difference in your practice. With the right gear, you can just drop into the flow and allow yourself to get carried away. Plus, since you’re at home anyway: get out the cozy gear! Use a blanket and pillows in savasana for extra chill vibes.

Pick the right class

There are a million classes you could take together… How do you choose the right one? Since this is a Yoga Date Night after all, we recommend going for a heart-opening class. Why?

Heart-opening classes tend to focus on love — and getting vulnerable. The yoga poses in a heart-opening class will crack you open physically, mentally, and energetically — priming you for some close connection. Really, it doesn’t get better than relaxing and opening the heart with your lover.

To save you some time and energy, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite online classes that are perfect for Yoga Date Night:

Grow Your Practice Together

It doesn’t matter what your experience level is with yoga, or if you’re both at different levels. What matters is sharing breath, posture, and movement. Showing up on your mats together, you can grow closer and grow your own practice simultaneously.

Once you’re finished with your class, discuss it over dinner or tea. Ask your partner what their experience was like — what they liked or didn’t like, what they learned about themselves, how they feel after yoga versus before class.

You never know, Yoga Date Night might be your new favorite way to spend time together!

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