Crystals 101: White Hemimorphite

If you are already swimming in crystals, or just starting your crystal journey, White Hemimorphite is definitely one to add to your collection. Known for its ability to heal the emotional body, enhance communication, and cleanse your aura, White Hemimorphite also encourages vibrations of joy, happiness, and positive energy. And, who couldn’t use more positive vibes these days?

What are the benefits of this crystal?

As mentioned, White Hemimorphite creates an aura of positive vibrations and uplifting energy, making it the perfect stone to use or carry when you’re feeling overwhelmed, sad, or despondent. White Hemimorphite can help you move past difficult life events and bring new opportunities to light. Meditate with this stone or keep it close by when you are going through a challenging time or need a boost of positive energy. 

White Hemimorphite also enhances communication and can soften the words you choose when talking with loved ones, allowing for deeper connection and greater empathy. Along with helping choose the right words and tone, White Hemimorphite also enables us to speak about how we truly feel in an open and authentic manner. It is the perfect crystal to foster better communication within your relationships which, ultimately, will lead to greater compassion, deeper understanding, and a closer bond.

Associated Chakra/How to Use

White Hemimorphite activates and aligns the upper four chakras: the heart, throat, third eye, and crown, giving you a lot of bang for your buck with one stone. It is a crystal that connects to the heart and helps you communicate your emotions with heart-centric awareness. If you’re looking for a crystal that will facilitate all things love and romance, White Hemimorphite is a great place to start. 

To benefit from this crystal’s powerful energies, keep White Hemimorphite close to your chakras to feel the difference. Wear it as jewelry, like in a beautiful mala, to incorporate this stone’s powerful energy, keeping in mind that the more you use it, the more powerful your Hemimorphite crystal will become.

Wear White Hemimorphite daily for a dose of positive energy and to encourage the full and authentic expression of your thoughts and feelings. 

Works best with

White Hemimorphite can work well in conjunction with higher frequency stones such as Phenacite and Moldavite, which are intense stones of transformation. When paired with stones used for meditation, intuition, and psychic awareness, White Hemimorphite is amplified and works to clear, cleanse, and activate your chakras. 

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for pairing with White Hemimorphite when you want to work on your relationships. This powerful pairing will help vibrate endless rays of loving energy to you and your partner, creating a sense of harmony. Both these stones work together to help you stay connected to your partner with love and compassion in your heart. 

Regardless of whether you are experienced with using crystals or just starting out, White Hemimorphite is a truly transformative stone with a multitude of positive benefits, from improving communication and personal relationships to cultivating positive energy and good vibes. Grab yours today and place it in your space to feel the pure radiating light, or hold the crystal during meditation to seek spiritual guidance. 

Erin Entlich is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, holistic health coach, and writer. She believes doing good starts with feeling good, which is why she loves helping people weave movement, mindfulness, and healthy eating into their daily lives. Find out more at