Om Hare Om – It’s All Good

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Hakuna Matata, Pura Vida, C’est La Vie, Om Hare Om–they all come back to the same concept, it’s all good. This moment, this challenge, this flow of life is all good. No matter where you are in life, it’s all good.

While we so often get caught up in comparison, either to others or ourselves, if we come back to the concept of Om Hare Om, we might just see that all that we’re experiencing is a perception of what truly is. We come to our mats and all situations with a story in our heads. But what our mat has to teach us is that any story can change, your perception can be altered and in the end, you might just come to see that it really is all good.

In this 60-minute yoga FLOW class taught by the fabulous and talented Reace Daniel, you can explore all the ways that Om Hare Om can come into your practice. Through the struggle of a new posture or the alignment tips that give you an “ah-ha” moment, it’s all good.

Grab two blocks, put your devices on night mode so that you aren’t disturbed, and come to your mat just as you are. Who knows who you’ll be when you step off it.

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