Practicing Tapas In Your Yoga FLOW

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What would it look like to shine your heart and your mind towards Tapas? Not your favorite Spanish treat but instead self-discipline, one of the Niyama’s–a part of the 8-limbs of yoga. If you just shuddered from the thought of self-discipline, we get it. That’s an overly aggressive phrase to practice self-awareness or mindfulness.

In this 60-minute FLOW taught by the lovely Kacey Kingry, you’ll be asked to embrace the adventure to 8-angle pose (Astavakrasana). In this challenging pose filled with arm and leg balancing, muscle engagement, and so much more, you’ll become aware of the need to let go. Part of practicing Tapas is asking the question–Can you stay in the fire when the going gets tough? When you’re ready to quit, when things become hard, when you are facing a new challenge, can you embrace self-discipline and stay through to the end because you know that this will serve you?

Most importantly, when practicing Tapas or a yoga pose, it’s important to listen within. This isn’t a competition but a time to practice. If a posture or movement doesn’t feel right in your body PLEASE do not stick with it until the end. Only you know your edge and we are never asking you to cross that line. Instead, we want to create space for you to tune in and go deeper so that you might learn something new about yourself. The self-discipline you’re practicing might just be learning to say “no.”

Enjoy this 60-minute class from Ohana Yoga + Barre.

LENGTH: 1 hr
INSTRUCTOR: Kacey Kingry
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: (2) Yoga blocks
FOCUS: Can you stay in the “uncomfortable” moment long enough to see the miracle? Peak Posture – Eight angle pose
LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
INTENSITY (High, Mid, or Low): Mid

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