Total Body Workout: 20-Minute Barre Blast with Alyssa

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We all start our days with the best of intentions. We all want to get in that killer workout before the day is over. But as we know very well, sometimes life has its own agenda.

In a busy, modern world, our plans to exercise and get some me-time are often hijacked. And that’s okay — that can actually be characteristic of a healthy lifestyle, so long as it doesn’t happen regularly.

Sometimes we think that in order to get a good workout, we need to have a full hour of time. In fact, we can get a little rigid or obsessive in this way. And it’s not true! You can get an amazing workout, that gives your both body strength and cardio, in twenty minutes of time. On a busy day, a 20-minute workout is more than enough.

Barre BLAST for your whole body

What we love about Barre is that it’s always a total body workout. Because Barre focuses on the tiny stabilizing muscles, it asks your body to engage in a deeper, more effective way. And with this deeper approach, the rest of your body turns on to support. You’ll feel it.

Even if the Barre focus is seatwork, for example, you’re guaranteed to also get a killer core workout as abdominal engagement is critical to support the glute exercises. When you’re finished with Barre, your whole body will be pulsing with strength.

This 20-minute Barre BLAST with Alyssa focuses on strengthening your entire body. You’ll work through a plank series to get your body warmed up and online. As we know, planks are the best total body exercise one can do.

In this class, Alyssa also takes you through forearm plank, burpees, and a series of pushups. The benefits of this total body workout will allow you to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Benefits in 20 minutes

Though Barre BLAST is only 20 minutes long, you’re guaranteed to feel a range of benefits. With a total body focus, you’re going to finish class feeling stronger and more stable.

From this sequence, you’ll find healthy posture more easily with the engagement of your core. You’ll find a broader chest and higher energy levels as a result of toning your upper body. You’ll feel energized and more joyful because of the cardioblasts woven throughout this class.

Truly, it takes 20 minutes to shift your body and your mind. All you need for this class is your body. No weights, no equipment. Just your willingness to move!

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