Yoga For Mamas Brought To You By Ohana + Kanga Care

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There are days where you just don’t want to get out of bed. Days that your to-do list is longer than the novel you’ve yet to pick up and read. Thoughts of insecurity, dread, or just nothing that fill your head as you ponder whether or not you really can embrace the day ahead of you.

Mama, we hear you.

Whether you’re adjusting to a new life after the birth of your child or are raising amazing human beings as long as no one looks too closely, it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day for your to-do list let alone you-time.

Want to know a secret? The to-do list will always be there. Your children’s, spouse’s, family’s needs will always be there. But most importantly, your needs are present too, and it’s been too long since you’ve made them a priority.

The hours are always the same, 24 of them in a day. But if you want to slow down time, feel refreshed, and maybe, just maybe, give yourself that extra dose of confidence you’ve been craving, then making time for YOU needs to back to the top of your list.

No excuses. You have 20-minutes a day you can take to practice yoga, meditate, read that novel you’ve been hoping to dive into, or fill a bathtub with your favorite essential oils and bath salts and soak up the relaxation. You deserve these few moments all to yourself. And most of all, in taking care of yourself, you’ll have the energy to love even harder on your family and friends.

So, we’ll help you get started. We’ve partnered with Kanga Care to bring you a series of 3 yoga classes made for mamas like you. Flow with us for the full length or for a few minutes. Heck, you could lay in Savasana while you listen to Alyssa direct class. This is your time, Mama. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Grab your mat, kick the kids out of the room (or let them play too), and make some well-deserved you-time.

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