YogaFiiT – The HIIT Class You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

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High-Intensity Interval Training has become the talk of the town in recent years with a plethora of health benefits, a workout that you feel for days, and classes that make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. They’re the class you go to when you have energy to burn and wellness goals to hit. But have you ever tried a YogaFiiT class?

What is HIIT (or YogaFiiT)?

YogaFiiT is the latest and greatest from Ohana Yoga. Flexibility, Intensity, Interval, Training (FiiT) utilizes a smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (cardio, cardio, cardio and did we mention cardio?) and active recoveries (slow and mindful) in order to maximize caloric burn, melt away fat and boost your metabolism. A unique offering only found at Ohana Yoga + Barre. Enjoy both strength and suppleness in 50 short minutes.

The idea behind HIIT classes, and YogaFiiT classes too, is to take your body through rounds of aerobic (body uses oxygen) and Anaerobic (body uses stored energy) movements. The mix of both cardio and strength in a workout pushes your body to the edge and increases your metabolism after your workout is over. This means you’ll burn more calories for longer.

The Health Benefits

Aside from increasing your metabolism, burning calories, and losing weight, this style of workout adds even more benefits to your health. By pushing your edge in cardio movements you’ll increase your oxygen consumption and lower your blood pressure if you’re running high. You’ll start to see these benefits with a regular HIIT/FiiT practice of about 60 minutes per week (versus 120-minutes a week for traditional workouts).

One of the greatest benefits of these classes is their effect on your blood sugar! HIIT not only reduces blood sugar but can also improve insulin resistance more than traditional workouts too. And you’ll see that reduced blood sugar lasting up to 12 weeks!

Can I Do HIIT/YogaFiiT For just 15-Minutes?

Ideally, you should spend 50-60 minutes a week in a HIIT/YogaFiiT class if you’re hoping to see the benefits mentioned above. However, any fitness is better than no fitness. If you can only watch 15-20 minutes of a class then by all means do it! You’ll still see improvement in your health and feel better in your body. There are no hard and fast rules about how much you HAVE to workout unless your doctor has recommended a workout program for you specifically. Otherwise, take those 15-20 minutes and be proud of the work you put in!

YogaFiiT With Ohana

YogaFiiT will push you to your edge, help you hit your goals, and show you what you’re made of. Ready to get started. Watch this full-length YogaFiiT class to see what you think and then sign up for our FREE 14-day trial and explore more styles and teachers with Ohana Yoga + Barre.