You Are More Than Just A Mother

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The journey of motherhood is a wild and complex ride filled with all the emotions, sometimes bubbling up all at the same time. It’s easy to slide into an unrealistic expectation of perfection. What’s more challenging, and more real, is to understand that you DO NOT NEED TO DO IT ALL, all the time. Enjoy a deep breath and let that sink in. 

Gone are the days where your sole identity needs to attach to your role as a mom. What would it feel like if your kids were not your whole world? Gasp! This new perspective doesn’t mean that you stop being a mom. Quite the contrary. This type of conscious living means that you stop being a victim to motherhood. Can you feel the difference?

So if we’re dropping the idea that we need to be a perfect mom solely dedicated to the whims of our amazing little monsters, then what else is there? The answer is: SPACE. Once we move past the victim attachment of motherhood, space is created for self-care, self-love, compassion for others, and love for the planet. This type of energetic space will allow you to stop “doing” and start “being.”

“Being” is your natural state. Being is the quality of who you are. Being is a state of consciousness that transcends thought and action. The truth is that you, just like your children, are a manifestation of this same consciousness. You, just like your children, are deserving of joy. You, just like your children, are growing and evolving daily. 

With the space and a sense of being, we can really dive into the fact that we, as mothers, do not need to live solely for the wellbeing of others. It’s okay if, in the midst of doing all the things all the days, we prioritize ourselves and our self-care. It’s okay if the house isn’t clean. It’s okay that the laundry doesn’t have to be folded this second. It’s okay if life is not perfect. 

We have the ability to embrace the fact that we are ALL a work-in-progress. And it’s okay if your children are not your whole world.

And when you are no longer a victim to your desired role(s) in life, you can extract joy out of the mundane…. Like wiping rear ends, rinsing cloth diapers, and washing them all over and over again. Does this mean that you are enlightened and impressive in every moment? NOPE. But it does mean that the chores of life can be met with less resistance. And less resistance means more ease. More ease delivers contentment. And contentment allows you to simply “be” in each moment.

Create space, allow for self-care, and know that none of it needs to be, nor will it be, perfect, momma.