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Kapha Season

Find Balance in Kapha Season

As we move out of Vata season and into Kapha season we start to feel a heavy transition. ...
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Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Find Deeper Connection

A long long time ago we lived in a world without cell phones, without email, and without notifications ...
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Crystals 101: White Hemimorphite

If you are already swimming in crystals, or just starting your crystal journey, White Hemimorphite is definitely one ...
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Why Chakras are Important

Why Your Chakras Are Important

Have you ever wondered why chakras are important?  Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, from the ...
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Manifest Positive Energy Through Your Flow

Resolutions don't work for us all–some might say they don't really work at all. The New Year is ...
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20-Minute Free Barre Class

20-Minute Barre Blast For A Little YOU Time Today

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? We hear you! From running businesses to caring ...
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Crystals 101: Fluorite

Crystals 101: Fluorite

Rainbow moods mesh in the gorgeous Fluorite crystal that is best known for its powerful energetic healing properties. ...
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Peaceful Online Yoga Flow

Transition Into Peace With This 60-Minute Yoga FLOW

The next 60-minutes are just for you. A time to reconnect with your breath, to tune in, to ...
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Winter Self-Care

Self-Care in the Winter Months

The winter months, and the corresponding shorter days and colder temperatures, can take a toll on your well-being, ...
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Premium Peruvian Pyrite

Crystals 101: Premium Peruvian Pyrite

Known as “Fool's Gold”, Peruvian Pyrite is a stone that inspires creativity, discipline, and symmetry. By grounding with ...
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