How To Use Crystals: The Basics

If you’ve ever been in our boutique or perused our online store, there’s a chance you’ve been stunned by rows of sparkly things…

Yes, crystals. The radiant gems have become so commonplace, that they’re no longer reserved for old, hidden metaphysical shops. Crystals can be found everywhere these days and used by anyone — from yoga teachers to mamas to professionals who like to keep the vibes high during their work grind.

But despite their induction into New Age culture, most of us are still wondering: What the heck are these rocks actually for? How do I use them? Are they really healing?

And this blog post explores exactly that. We’ll take a deep dive into crystals, and learn about their functionality. Because let’s be honest: even those of us who own them, may not fully get how they work.

If that’s you: it’s okay. The good news is that as we learn how crystals work and how to use them, we can actually be more effective with them. When we go beyond the surface of what a quick google search says about each stone, we can deepen our practice with crystals alongside our knowledge.

The Basics: What Is Crystal Healing?

The first thing to understand about crystal healing is that it’s based entirely upon energy.

Crystals and many gemstones are made with millions of years of pressure and heat and therefore carry a high energetic value. It takes a massive amount of energy to make a single crystal — and crystal healing philosophy holds that this strong energetic concentration is embodied by the crystal forever.

Circling back: we are energy, too. We are made of energy just like crystals are. The energetic imprint of a crystal influences us by interacting with our own energy body — our frequencies have a conversation, in a way. Just like a crystal breaks down light into a spectrum of color, a crystal receives and reflects our energy. And each crystal has a unique way of going about that.

Another approach to explaining this has to do with frequency. Every crystal has a frequency, and we each have a frequency. When waves combine and interact with each other through various functions, it can be felt on the physical plane in our bodies, and the mental/emotional plane of our minds.

Now here’s the part that we (as a collective) don’t love to hear but it is what it is. Is there scientific evidence that crystals actually heal in this way? No, there really isn’t.

But such is the case with most types of alternative healing. And yet, there are tons of accounts from people having firsthand healing effects from crystals. Whether it’s a placebo effect, or functional on a level that science doesn’t yet understand, or total bananas, is up for each of us to decide.

Most forms of alternative healing, like crystals, have been used for thousands of years. It’s worth contemplating that science is only recently making discoveries that imply what ancient civilizations have known forever (ie. consciousness/the unified field). While science is an important part of our human experience, there are other methodologies to approach health if we choose.

We must say, at the most basic level: working with crystals is way more fun and intentional than not working with crystals. Excuse us while we opt for fun and wellbeing.

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How To Use Crystals: First, Choose The Right One

Ever wondered why Rose Quartz is supportive of heart-opening, and Fluorite invokes intuition? How does each crystal get its own personality? We always wondered that, too…

Each crystal is made with different materials, in a unique process, and therefore holds its own specific energetic blueprint. This blueprint vibrates at an energetic frequency (measured in Hertz) that is associated with a certain quality of our human experience. (This is a super fascinating concept. If you’re curious: here’s more on that.)

How do we see this play out in real life? Rose Quartz — a stone famous for its heart-opening qualities — has an energetic frequency of 350Hz — which has been long associated with the heart chakra. This, friends, is the basis of energy work and healing, of which crystals are a big part. All of our emotions have an associated energy, which is why we can partake in energy work to heal our emotions.

Every crystal out there has its own frequency and associated qualities, just like Rose Quartz. And this is how they each become known for certain traits. The world of crystals is diverse, but here’s a glimpse at some of the most common go-to’s for crystals:

Amethyst: Awareness + Clarity

Clear Quartz: Manifestation + Amplification

Tourmaline: Protection + Clearing Negative Energy

Pyrite: Confidence + Abundance

Realistically, this is a scratch on the surface of the many crystals out there that can step in for the energetic support we all need right now.

So the next natural question is, once we have our crystal, how do we use it?

How To Work With Crystals

You can go about buying your first or next crystal in any way — there is no right or wrong. But there are two approaches:

  1. Opt for the crystal that is “calling you.” Which crystal looks most appealing or interesting to you? This could be a sign that your frequencies will work well together.
  2. Research crystals that will help you invoke what you need. For example, if you’re going through a hard time in life, and are experiencing a lot of negative energy, you might go out and look for some Black Tourmaline.

Before we dive into some techniques, we’ll acknowledge that there’s no right or wrong here. Crystal healing is, more than anything, intuitive work. At the end of the day, you are your own healer. You call the shots.

How to use crystals:

Set An Intention

We’ve already talked about how crystals work with energy and frequency. When you set an intention, you’re working with the same principles. Invoking an intention of some kind, let’s say “inner peace,” has a specific frequency. Take hold of your new crystal, find a seat, and close your eyes. Hold your crystal gently, and start to think of your intention. Keep your intention in your awareness for as long as is comfortable, and trust that your crystal is absorbing your intention. As you move forward, this crystal will now be “charged” with your intention.


Use your crystal to ground you during meditation. You can hold it in your hands, your lap, or simply place it nearby. As you move into meditation, trust that your crystal’s frequencies are very much a part of your experience. As we said, crystals are powerful. They absolutely influence the energy of the room they’re in. When you’re meditating in that room, you’re going to be grounded and influenced by their energy.

Cleanse Your Crystal

As little energetic beings, crystals can take on energy — and we’re grateful that they do! Some crystals are known for clearing negative vibes and protecting us from harmful energy frequencies. Smokey Quartz, for example, is amazing to combat electromagnetic waves. Like anything in nature, these crystals can only take on so much before they’re “full,” hence the importance of cleansing our crystals. To cleanse your crystals, put them out on the night of a full moon. (Pro tip: put some water in a mason jar under the moon as well for some nicely charged moon water. Is this the New Age or what?)


While crystals are powerful in meditation and intention setting, you can also wear your crystals via crystal jewelry (like mala beads) or decorate with them. Crystal jewelry is powerful for obvious reasons — you can take the healing frequencies with you wherever you go. But one of the most popular decorative uses for crystals is to place them around your house. It’s especially useful to set them in places where energy comes and goes: doorways, windows, and sinks. Crystals are kind of like plants — they’re great company!

Your Crystal Collection

Once you get started with crystals, you’ll naturally pick up on how they add value and meaning to your life.

Mostly, they do it through the meaning of intention. Crystals are all about intention: they are what you make them to be. Will crystals solve all of your problems, put money in your bank, and give you a fairytale ending? Probably not.

But they will help you stay in touch with the seeds of intention you’re planting in your life. Even if it’s just a glance at the Citrine on your desk that reminds you of abundance — that’s powerful. Our surroundings have an impact on the thoughts that we have, and our thoughts create our reality… Even operating on the most simple level, crystals can be a positive force in our life.

Crystal healing is an ancient and sacred practice that is now, in modern times, applied in a variety of ways. Crystals are an honest miracle of nature, each unique, each powerful — as it turns out, crystals are kind of like us.