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The holiday season can feel daunting. There’s pressure to get the right gifts for your loved ones, to keep sustainability in mind, and to do all this shopping on top of everything else you have on your to-do list. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with The Ohana Gift Sets at your disposal. These curated gift sets were created to not only save you time and energy but to provide a thoughtful gift of self-care to someone you love (or for yourself!) 

Each one has roots tied to a Major Arcana from the Wild Unknown Tarot deck to help you figure out which set is right for your loved ones (or yourself). Check one more thing off your to-do list for this holiday season and let us take care of the rest. All you have to do is choose which set you’re going to get (a hard choice if I do say so myself!)

Photo by Katie Leigh

The Hermit – Sweet Surrender Set

As the days continue to get shorter and the darkness makes its way in, we often find ourselves wanting to cozy up inside and tend to ourselves. This gift set, the sweet surrender, was created for the home-body. As the hermit is often found alone they are the ones filled with wisdom and light (often the one that helps others see through this dark time). It’s time to discover self-truths with a little self-care. 

photo by Sara Ford

Use the lotion bar for self-massage speaking words of gratitude, love, and abundance into your skin. Burn Palo Santo to cleanse the room, and then take time to process all that you’re learning about yourself in the Wild Unknown Journal. And for those who like solitude with someone you love, share the experience with a BFF Crystal–Like the BFF charms you had as a kid. Take one half of the geode crystal for yourself and give the other to your best friend, keeping you connected forever. 

Strength Tarot - Holiday Gift Sets
Photo by Katie Leigh

Strength – The Sweat it Out Set

Our Ohana Mamas have more strength than we thought was possible in this world. Intellectually, emotionally, and, of course, physically. Embrace your strength and continue to grow in your yoga + barre practice with the Sweat it Out set. As the tarot card Strength reveals to us, strength isn’t just about muscle, it’s about transforming the negative and creating emotional openness. It’s our daily practice of loving ourselves and those around us, it’s fighting for those who need our support, and lifting up our communities. 

Sweat it out Gift Set
Photo by Sara Ford

The Sweat it Out set was made for both the physical strength and the emotional strength providing you with tools to push your body and fine-tune your mind. Use the Palo bundle to cleanse your space and center your mind while holding onto your mala bracelet and reciting your unique mantra (I am strong, I am abundant, I can do all things…) Then get sweaty with your favorite Ohana Barre class using your new props and finish it off by cleansing your body and washing away any bad energy you’re holding with our favorite bar of soap from Spinster Sisters. 

The Start Tarot -  Holiday Gift Sets
Photo by Katie Leigh

The Star – Inner Peace Gift Set

In tarot, the star represents peace, hope, and optimism. After a long journey through the first 16 Major Arcana, you’ve made it to this place of rest. Grounded in the conscious and unconscious parts of your light, you are highly aware and now it’s time to decide where your journey will continue. The star is your compass pointing you to your authentic self. Use the Inner Peace set as your guide to further understanding. 

Wild Unknown Tarot Gift Set
Photo by Sara Ford

In this set, you can use the Wild Unknown Tarot deck to find new insights into your deepest questions. But before you start your reading prepare the room by cleansing it with room spray from Spinster Sisters, ground it with Palo Santo, and keep yourself safe with Fluorite crystals and your mala beads. The Inner Peace set is here to help you go within and find your true self, you just have to accept the journey.

High Priestess Tarot - Gift Set
Photo by Katie Leigh

The High Priestess – Wisdom Gift Set

Some of us wanted to be princesses when we grew up, but we would rather be a high priestess. The High Priestess brings wisdom, intuition, and stillness. She’s your inner voice asking you to trust your intuition, embrace your divine feminine, and accept the mysteries that surround you. 

Photo by Sara Ford

In the wisdom gift set, you’ll be able to harness your inner High Priestess by finding stillness and diving into your own intuition. Set the tone by lighting your Pearl Street Lights candle and taking in the magic of fire (increased by the sound of the wood wick) and breath in its soothing scent. Hold onto your mala beads and allow the crystal’s energy to flow through you as you pull from the Animal Spirit deck learning new things about who you are and what animals you’re connected to. Finally, a journey is always done best when it’s done with a friend, bring in your best friend to share in this magic and gift them the other half of your BFF crystal. 

The Magician  Tarot - Gift Set
Photo by Katie Leigh

The Magician – Sacred Space Set

Black and white, yin and yang, we all have our equal opposite the keeps us balanced. On the other side of the High Priestess, we have the Magician. The Magician is the masculine side to us, helping us create magic, find transformation, and enter into new phases of our life. 

Photo by Sara Ford

In the sacred space set, The Magician guides us to unblock our energy, take action, and connect to the divine (however you define that). With this set, you can use the blocks to support your growing at-home practice (best paired with access to Ohana Online) and continue to learn more about yourself within your practice. But it doesn’t stop there. Set up your space with a room spray to cleanse the air, and your Palo bundle to ground yourself. Once you’ve finished your practice, use the Wild Unknown Journal to map out where your journey takes you next. 

Temperance  Tarot - Gift Set
Photo by Katie Leigh

Temperance – Go Slow Gift Set

Temperance has become one of my favorite cards. It is calm, balanced, and lives in moderation. It represents the fact that you can do things you never thought were imaginable–all it takes is a little creativity. 

Photo by Sara Ford

To use this bundle, start by lighting the Pearl Street Lights candle to set a mood and change the energy in the room. Then in a relaxing bath or shower work the sugar scrub and Spinster Sister soap into your skin. Recite a mantra as you lovingly massage yourself focusing on phrases that encourage you to let go, release, or know that you are enough. Finally, after you’ve dried off and found something comfy to wear, sit down and work in your Wild Unknown Journal to process anything that might have come up during your peaceful time of relaxation. 

The Sun Tarot - Gift Set
Photo by Katie Leigh

The Sun – Awake State Set

Clarity, happiness, and freedom, that’s what the Sun represents. In the light of day, things become clear and your true power is revealed. The Awake State set was created to help you walk into the light and see clearly what has always been there–Your beauty, your worth, your power. 

Photo by Sara Ford

Use this set to own your truth and become your true self. Start by cleansing the room with the Spinster Sisters room spray and take a deep breath in this new space. Then flow to an Ohana Online class using your blocks to give you support and keep you grounded. After you’ve worked up a sweat and dropped your defenses, open up the Wild Unknown Tarot deck and see what clarity awaits you. 

Ohana Gift Sets Based on Tarot's Major Arcana
Photo by Katie Leigh

What Major Arcana Are You?

Each one of these sets will help your loved ones (or yourself) make space for more self-care while adding a little extra fun to it. If you’ve been looking for an intentional gift to give a loved one, one that will encourage them to slow down and tune in, any one of these Ohana Gift Sets will get the job done. You can feel good about knowing what you got for your loved ones, without having to lose your mind putting it all together yourself. 

Grab your gift set today and spread the self-care this holiday season!

Katie Leigh Jackson Denver Artist and Illustrator

Katie Leigh is an Ohana YTT Graduate and Artist in the Denver Area. She creates artwork and wallpaper that showcases the magic in the ordinary and helps others live a simpler more peaceful life. Get tips + resources to create a calmer life and home with her free weekly newsletter.