Crystals 101: Types of Quartz

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While a crystal’s radiance and beauty is undeniable, these precious minerals are much more than decorative gemstones. In fact, crystals represent our direct connection to the earth and its powerful wisdom. While a single crystal is just a tiny fragment of our brilliant planet, it holds the entirety of its knowledge and magic. A stone small enough to fit in the palm of your hand possesses the potential to change your mood, shift your energy, and heal your body and mind. 

Crystals aren’t magical objects able to instantly fix whatever you want them to. Rather, these minerals are natural purveyors of energetic intention. Everything is energy–a crystal is merely a manifestation of concentrated energy vacillating with spiritual currents and tacit powers that impact the energetic fields of everything around them. Different crystals have different healing properties, so when working with crystal energy it is important to choose the one that best fits your energetic and spiritual needs. 

Choosing A Crystal

So, how do you choose the crystal that is right for you? Picking the right crystal is about feeling more than anything else. While we are naturally drawn to which crystals appeal to us visually, it is important to hold the crystal in your hands and feel its unique energy field. Do you suddenly feel lighter? Tingly? 

We are often most attracted to the crystals that fill in our energetic gaps. For example, if you are having a hard time connecting to your intuition, an amethyst might be just the ticket. Or if you are looking to cleanse negativity or stagnant energy that feels like it’s weighing you down, smoky quartz can help move you back to a place of peace.

Types of Quartz

Even if you are brand new to crystal healing, you are likely familiar with the word quartz. As you begin to get a little deeper into the various types of quartz, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume and variety. Minerals in the quartz family of crystals are powerful stones that come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are several different types of quartz, all with distinct, independent properties.

This guide is here to help you navigate through the different types of quartz crystals so you can feel confident in picking which type of quartz is right for you! Be sure to check out the Ohana Online boutique or check them out in person next time you are in the studio. 

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is one of the most widely used stones for good reason–this type of quartz has an incredibly broad range of uses and multi-faceted properties. Possessing a murky grey-brown shade, this type of quartz gets its name from its hazy shades ranging from nearly solid to almost clear in color. Smoky quartz is the stone of grounding. Picking up this type of quartz grounds the holder to the energies of the earth. This grounding energy of this type of quartz pairs nicely when working with the root chakra as it allows you to more easily find your center and feel balanced and whole. This stone is also used to absorb and transform negative energies to re-establish a sense of inner calm. Its healing, calming properties promote higher levels of conscious awareness, which in turn can entrench this expanded consciousness into the physical body. 

Rose Quartz

Often referred to as the love stone, the rose quartz crystal is a stone of positive, loving energy and personal connection. Ranging from dark to light shades of pink, the transformative energy of the rose quartz stone has the ability to open you up to love in all its forms–romantic, platonic, familial, and most importantly, self-love. This type of quartz is said to inspire compassion and kindness and is capable of bringing the holder inner peace and balance. The rose quartz is the type of quartz best suited for dealing with grief and other deep emotional wounds. Rose quartz stones encourage love by helping you to release your fears. In this way, this type of quartz allows you to bolster your self-confidence and invite prosperity into your life. 

Clear Quartz

Known as the “master healer” of the mineral kingdom, clear quartz gemstones possess an inherently high and powerful vibration. This type of quartz is often referred to as the stone of power, allowing you to amplify your energy or whatever intention you choose to imbue. Clear quartz has the ability to protect you against negative energies and help you attune to your higher self. Working with these crystals is also a great way to cleanse and strengthen your aura and energetic field. This type of quartz is often used to open and align all of the chakras but its clear color gives it a special connection to the crown chakra in particular. These stones are incredibly programmable and absorb energies easily, so it is important to cleanse this type of quartz regularly.


Did you know that amethyst stones are actually considered a type of quartz? Amethysts have been used for thousands and thousands of years and are known as one of the most powerful stones for protection. Along with being incredible protectors of energy, amethysts are highly spiritual stones of peace. Embodying a purple hue ranging from light to dark and in some cases even pink, the amethyst is closely connected to the third-eye chakra, or your space of intuition. This type of quartz works to strengthen and sharpen your intuitive side, helping to develop your psychic abilities and foster connection to your highest self.  

Start Your Crystal Practice

Now that you know how each type of quartz can help you balance your energy, it’s time to start using your crystals. Use this guide to learn how to use your crystals and see just what kind of magic you can conjure up with the help of your newfound tool.