Crystals For Sleep

Crystals For Better Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental part of our health and well-being. There is no shortage of pills and potions being marketed to us claiming to be the answer to all our sleep woes–but how many of these remedies are actually doing us more harm than good? Relying on potentially habit-forming sleep aids to get better sleep…
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Crystals and Chakras

Crystals for Chakra Healing

So much of our human experience is connected to energy. Whether we are aware of it or not, our bodies are major conduits of life force energy, or prana. In fact, according to the ancient Upanishad texts, we are thought to have over 72,000 unique energy lines – or nadis – constantly flowing throughout our…
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How To Use Crystals: The Basics

If you’ve ever been in our boutique or perused our online store, there’s a chance you’ve been stunned by rows of sparkly things… Yes, crystals. The radiant gems have become so commonplace, that they’re no longer reserved for old, hidden metaphysical shops. Crystals can be found everywhere these days and used by anyone — from…
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