Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 4 Stillness

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Before the universe, there was stillness. In the yogic teachings, stillness is represented by Shiva. Creation is represented by Shakti. Shiva holds the space of motionless stillness, and out of that space, Shakti emerges.

We see this play out every day of our lives. For example: Where do ideas come from? Creative ideas (Shakti) come from the silence of our minds (Shiva). Understanding the importance and underlying presence of stillness is foundational to understanding the Divine Masculine. Stillness is the fabric out which everything is made — it unites us all. 

Find stillness in your life this week with these tools:

Divine Masculine in Stillness
Take a moment to practice stillness. This can be a guided meditation, sitting outside for ten minutes, or simply lying down. Do your best to find stillness in your body, and stillness in your mind. Observe what arises out of this stillness.
Reading about the Divine Masculine
Read this article by Sadhguru to more deeply understand the teachings of how Shiva and stillness are at the root of our universe.
Share your divine masculine
Connect with a loved one about your journey through the content surrounding the Divine Masculine. What have you learned? How do you intend to carry this awareness into the future? You never know how your sharing can inspire someone else!

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