Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 3 Balance

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In this polarized world, there can be a lot of criticism of both feminism and toxic masculinity. But our well-being really requires a healthy balance of both feminine and masculine energies to thrive, regardless of how you identify. All things in life require both — just look at the birth of a new being. Or even the birth of a new business.

The masculine brings form to any new creation, while the feminine brings the Shakti (life force). As balanced beings, we need to be literate in both energies to manifest purpose and enjoy life with a more frictionless flow.

Find balance in your life this week with these tools:

Journal Practices
Think about your biggest obstacles–in your relationships, work, and life. Do they come from a lack of feminine energy? Of masculine energy? Now loot at the areas where you thrive, are they more masculine or feminine? How can you inspire more balance between the two?
Find Balance in your energy
Next time you have a conversation with someone, try to pick up on the energy behind it. Take a more masculine role in the conversation: ask more questions, move the conversation in a new direction, or share more than you usually would. Then play the more feminine role–practice listening, show more compassion, tune into their emotions.
Divine Masculine
Read this article about the divine masculine and how to balance it with the divine feminine.

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