Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 2 Toxic Masculinity

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The phrase toxic masculinity has gained increasing popularity in our modern times. But it’s also a very loaded term, which is why it’s important to really understand it if we are to use it.

Toxic masculinity is a complex phrase and refers to ideas of “manliness” as a function of domination, homophobia, and aggression. It is the pressure men face to behave in a way that is actually harmful to themselves and others. Toxic masculinity isn’t actually exclusive to men–businesses can be run with a toxic masculine culture, womxn can portray qualities of toxic masculinity, etc. It’s important to recognize that many of the political, social, environmental, and spiritual crises we face today are a product of toxic masculinity.

Find balance in your life this week with these tools.

Toxic Masculinity reading
Read this article to understand the impact of toxic masculinity on our natural environment and sustainability.
Breathing Techniques
Try this breathwork technique for when your masculine energy feels a bit out of control. Perfect for busy minds and schedules.
Toxic Masculinity
There are massive men's work movements all over the planet, for men to help other men overcome toxic masculinity. It's beautiful to observe. Watch the documentary "The Work" if you'd like to understand more.

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