Barre Meets Yoga in this Barre FLOW class

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There is a time when our energy is up and we’re ready to put in the hard work, but hard work is always done best when in a state of flow. That’s where Barre FLOW comes in.

A combination of Barre beats, dance choreography, weight training, and fully integrated with a dynamic yoga flow. Enjoy the benefits of a butt-kicking Barre class with the flow state of vinyasa yoga in order to strengthen and lengthen simultaneously.

In this hour-long class, you’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had, burning away anxiety, stress, and maybe even some of those holiday sweets you’ve been holding onto. But you’ll balance that burn with a flow that allows you to move through postures in a way that keeps things fresh and fun.

Barre FLOW is challenging by nature (it is a barre class after all!), but fully accessible for students of all experience levels. Allow this format to be your gateway drug into a new movement practice where your body + mind will be fully nourished and supported.

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