Mindful FLOW: Gentle Movement Into Total Stillness

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. meditate

The physical limb of yoga (Asana) was historically designed to prepare the body for meditation. Our Mindful FLOW class is based upon such a philosophy, utilizing intentional movement and asana to help you find more success in your mindfulness practices.

Inside each Mindful FLOW class, we experience the anchoring quality of movement, which takes us out of the mind and into the body. Having solidified the mind-body relationship, we conclude the class with a relative mindfulness practice. Our mindfulness practice encompasses meditative, intention-setting, and visualization elements.

This Mindful FLOW class unfolds your yoga into the realm of depth and meaning. In this FLOW you’ll get into the heart space as well as the hips. It will open yourself up in order to create ease for the final 15-minutes of class with a mediation. Get ready to tune into the mind. Open up the body. And set yourself up for deep meditation in this grounding Mindful FLOW class with Devon Barrow.

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